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Being an Athlete is Not Who You Are. It's Just One of the Things You Do.

As you climb the ranks in your sport, remember that being an athlete is not who you are. It's your character, the relationships you built and skills you bring to the table that define you.

As athletes, we just don’t give ourselves enough credit for the transferrable skills and success habits that we’ve built throughout our athletic careers. Things like time management, prioritization, leadership, working in groups, problem solving, goal setting, gratitude, mental resilience, and most importantly, being a competitor.

These are all transferrable skills that cascade across everything you whether it’s continuing your athletic career, joining the workforce, becoming an entrepreneur, or even building a family.

My recommendation is simple, reflect on what is in your core, and do it often. And give yourself credit for the skills you built because of your dedication and investment in sports. Remember, being an athlete is not who you are. It’s just one of the many awesome things you do.


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