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Prepare your mind for college & life.

9-week online training to build skills, values and habits to thrive in college.

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The smooth transition to college.

9-Week Online Training
Who: Anyone preparing for college
Dates: 9 weeks in a row from registration
Every Tuesday: Training material released
Where: Online Training
Cost: $199

College success: learn the mental skills used by the greats.

Focus like LeBron James, organize like Bill Gates to prepare for college.

College is one of the most significant investments you will make. Prepare now to get the most out of your experience. This nine-week, online training and app-based experience will set you up for success from the moment you step on campus to the time you collect your diploma and beyond.

Learn the
8 Keys to Thriving as a College Student to handle the academic and social demands of college. Training delivered by top collegiate coaches, professional athlete mental skills coaches, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and much more - all from the comfort of your home.

What you'll learn.

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The College Success Training provides concrete tools to help anyone succeed in life. Coach Moore, and the variety of speakers, deliver invaluable messages. This course has definitely helped me in my journey as a student-athlete.

– High School Student

Get prepared for your next level.

During the 9-week training, you will learn how to...

  • Develop intentional habits to improve performance in everything

  • Set and achieve meaningful goals

  • Recognize and reduce stress through mindfulness

  • Unite your body and mind to attack challenges

  • Prioritize time and focus on the moment

  • Communicate effectively and listen with intent

  • Build winning organizational skills

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Top coaches and business leaders share secrets to success.

Nine-week, online training led by top Division I College Baseball Coach, Greg Moore, and renowned mental skills coach, Danielle Martin. Guest speakers and trainers include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, collegiate summer baseball team owners, and community leaders.

Greg Moore Headshot.png

Greg Moore

Sevwins Cofounder

DI Head Baseball Coach

Nick Corso

Executive Director of Dotfit Pro, Founder of Legendary Athletes

Topic: ”Fueling the Body with Nutrition”

Glenn Kirkpatrick

Entrepreneur, Coach, Owner of multiple teams in North America

Topic: ”Learning to Win”

Danielle Martin Headshot.png

Danielle Martin

Professional Mental Skills Coach
True Mindsets Founder
Sevwins Advisor

Jason Smith

National Crosschecker, Los Angeles Angels

Topic: ”Talk’n the Business of Sport”

Matt French

Sevwins Co-Founder, previously VP of Strategy at ServiceNow, College Baseball Coach, former Head High School Baseball Coach

Topic: ”Communication for Business”

Ryan Davis

MLB Advanced Media / Data Analyst, President of California Prospect League

Topic: ”Building on Your Biggest Challenges”

Prepare for success in everything.

9-Week Online Training
Who: Anyone preparing for college
Dates: 9 weeks in a row from registration
Every Monday: Training material released
Where: Online Training
Cost: $199

What's included:

  • Receive training material every Tuesday

  • Division I College Coach Mentorship

  • College Prep training manual

  • Create and use a performance journal

  • Mental skill exercises that can be used for college and beyond

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