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Win every day of the week

Student-athletes get seven wins in just seven minutes a week. Daily commitments drive accountability. Athletes better understand themselves and learn to attack each week with more clarity.

Sevwins Three Power Habits777

Daily reps for conscientiousness

A seven-day cadence of power habits trains student-athletes to set goals, assess mental skills, prepare to perform in life and sport, and reflect on the week.

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Set goals on Monday

Set read, train and give weekly goals to improve self-control and direction.

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Assess mental skills daily

Pause and assess the four core mental skills to improve personal awareness.

Sevwins Screenshot Mental Skill Assessments
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Prepare for and assess performances 

Define the mindset, performance targets and preparation plan for each performance. After practice, a game or a test, evaluate to get better.

Sevwins Pre-Post Performance
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Reflect and plan on Sunday

Reflect on successes and challenges to fuel growth.

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Coaches understand the athlete mindset

It takes time to develop meaningful relationships. Sevwins accelerates the process. As young adults engage with Sevwins, coaches see every athlete as an individuals.

Coach Dashboard Integration2
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Broadcast Info and encouragement

Team and program leaders share info with individual athletes, teams and departments. Broadcast practice plans or videos and encourage athlete growth.

Sevwins Coach Broadcasting
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Synchronize the athlete support network

MindPrint gets all influencers working together to support and accelerate an individual athlete's growth. Now, athletes have the option to share their weekly goals, assessments and reflections with trusted people that will help them achieve success.

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