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2 minutes a day, success habits for a lifetime.

Seven disciplines build intentional habits, fuel proactive thoughts, and ignite healthy actions.

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One small challenge every day builds habits. Win the day to win the week.

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Set goals to win the week.

Commit to weekly Read, Train and Give goals. Improve your mind, body and spirit.


Learn to be grateful for a healthier, more optimistic you.

Get in the habit of appreciating the things you have in your life. Boost confidence, reduce stress and sleep better.

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Sharpen mental skills for peak performance.

Build core mental skills to live in the moment, improve concentration, communicate clearly and attack all parts of your day.


Stay committed, learn to set goals that work.

Keep your weekly goals top-of-mind. Evaluate your progress and reflect on the quality of the goals you set. Keep sharpening.

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Get inspired by history’s greatest leaders and awesome books.

Learn the language of success from personal heroes, history’s best, great books and your own reflection.


Challenge your mind with deep thinking and writing.

Capturing thoughts and aspirations provides direction, reduces stress and can make you happier. You'll do one Power Rep every week to turn clear thinking into healthy action.

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Learn by reflecting on experiences.

Reflecting on our experiences is the most effective way to grow. Did something well? Create a plan to get more wins. Something didn’t turn out right? Understand why.

Get in the zone, then reflect to perform better.

Game? Practice? Test? Presentation? Prepare to rock your performance. Then, reflect on your experience to learn.

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Part journal.
Part virtual coach.
Part mental fitness.
Part interactive learning.

All growth.

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