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Build lasting,
transferrable skills.

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We only have one set of mental skills. Strengthen them for everything you do – sports, school and life.

One rep a day.
Success habits for a lifetime.

Sevwins is loaded with 52-weeks of structured, daily content. Each themed week focuses on specific life lessons and mental skills. Win the week and move on to the next challenge. Earn badges to prove you are prepared.

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Weeks 1 to 13

Focus on Self
Wk 1: Start with Why
Wk 2: Control Controllables
Wk 3: Build Habits
Wk 4: Prioritize the Important
Wk 5: Set Clear Vision

Focus on Others

Wk 6: Grow with Mentors

Wk 7: Work with Others

Wk 8: Life as a Team Sport

Focus on Winning

Wk 9: Improve Balance

Wk 10: Listen with Intent

Wk 11: Be Grateful

Wk 12: Celebrate Strengths

Wk 13: Be Vulnerable

Bronze Self
Sevwins Silver - Competitor Badge4.png



Weeks 14 to 26

Focus on Self
Wk 14: Habits that Win
Wk 15: Simple Wins
Wk 16: Build on Strengths
Wk 17: Habits to Actions
Wk 18: Build Your Story

Focus on Others

Wk 19: Grow with Coaching

Wk 20: Be with Winners

Wk 21: Compete for Others

Focus on Winning

Wk 22: Win the Now

Wk 23: You vs Yesterday

Wk 24: You vs Time

Wk 25: Competitor at Home

Wk 26: Professional Today

Silver Competitor
Sevwins Gold - Teammate Badge4.png



Weeks 27 to 39

Focus on Self
Wk 27: Bet the Example Today
Wk 28: Purpose is Contagious
Wk 29: Adapt and Overcome
Wk 30: Kaizen: Always Improve

Focus on Others

Wk 31: Best Listener on the Team

Wk 32: The Teammate Teacher

Wk 33: Build Teammates

Wk 34: Speak Truth Into Existence

Wk 35: Give Before Get

Focus on Winning

Wk 36: Embrace Expectations

Wk 37: Team First Instinct

Wk 38: Plant Tress

Wk 39: Leave Your Mark

Gold Teammate
Sevwins Platinum - Lead Badge4.png



Weeks 40 to 52

Focus on Self
Wk 40: Success is Best Effort
Wk 41: Lighthouse vs Judge
Wk 42: Emotion vs Emotionally
Wk 43: Adversity is Education

Focus on Others

Wk 44: Good Attracts Good

Wk 45: Deflect Credit

Wk 46: Take Blame

Wk 47: Motivate with Truth

Wk 48: Lead 3 Parts of the Person

Focus on Winning

Wk 49: Praise Quiet Performers

Wk 50: Leaders Eat Last

Wk 51: Teach to Lead

Wk 52: Be a Servant Leader

Platinum Leader

Prove you're prepared with growth certifications.

Show school admissions, coaches, recruiters, future employers and yourself that you are a one-percenter. Every 13 weeks won, you earn a Sevwins Growth Certification to share.

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