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Amplify your coaching.

Get more from your athletes by providing a complete growth mindset system that brings together off-field character development with on-field makeup. Connect with your athletes by meeting them where they are. 

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Let's empower young adults, together.

Your mentorship skills, matched with our engaging technology and growth roadmap, can empower young adults like never before. Sevwins can help you guide and understand your young adults more effectively.

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Continuous insight. More meaningful conversations.

Bridge the gap during the times you are not with your team or individuals. And when you do connect, cut to the chase with meaningful conversations.

View the mindset of your team or group in a single feed.

Tracking group progress and preparing for sessions or individual meetings gets a lot easier with Sevwins. Scroll the group feed to stay in the know, highlight the important stuff and engage in more meaningful conversations.

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Group mindset stats for each individual – all in your palm.

As young adults complete daily reps, you gain instant access to individual and group journal entries, weekly goals, mental skill assessments and reflections. All so you can encourage and guide your young adults to reach their next level.

Expand your reach with less effort.

  • Improve competitive performance with daily off-field mental skills training

  • Build meaningful coach-athlete relationships

  • Gain insight into how athletes prepare for andevaluate performance

  • Encourage growth in and out of competition

  • Build the person, then the athlete

Team or Group Subscription

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per team member or coach


Notes: Currently available on iOS. Sevwins subscribers must be 13 or older.

Part journal.
Part virtual coach.
Part mental fitness.
Part interactive learning.

All growth.

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