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Mental skills program
for athletes, coaches and teams.

Expect more from your mind. Improve performance in everything with Sevwins.

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Subscribe to the app for your team or group. Save 50%.

View the mindset of your team or group in a single feed. Stay in the know, highlight the important stuff and create more meaningful conversations.

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per team member or coach
Minimum of 15 annual subscribers

Notes: Currently available on iOS. Sevwins subscribers must be 13 or older.

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Individual app subscriptions: Prepare for your moment.

​Included in the Individual Subscription:

  • Build skills, habits and values for all that lies ahead.

  • Earn growth certifications for every 13 weeks won.

  • Get inspired to win the day with daily notifications.

  • Instant access to previous thoughts, journals and stats.

  • Daily thought-provoking challenges produce results.

  • Journal created by you for reflecting and sharing

  • Invite mentors to support your growth.

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Notes: Currently available on iOS. Sevwins subscribers must be 13 or older.

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Double your preparation with the College Success eLearning Program

Take your learnings to the next level by pairing your daily app usage with our weekly online college prep training. The app and the online training program follow the same growth mindset framework to help future college student-athletes prepare to thrive at the next level.

College Success eLearning

Let's Go!

for 9-week online course

  • 9-week online training course

  • Training material released once a week

  • Single eLearning portal for weekly lessons

  • Compliments app daily growth reps


Return on investment


Develop a proactive, resilient mind


Make decisive, productive decisions


Set goals that produce results

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Build on strengths, work on weaknesses


Learn success language
live positive


Handle and grow from adversity


Ignite purpose, discipline and accountability


Form an attitude of gratitude

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The proactive mind is a healthy mind.

Mental strength, drive, accountability and discipline just one daily rep away.

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