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Every pitch. Every class. Every day.

Sevwins gives coaches a platform to drive intentional thoughts and actions that produce results on the field, in the classroom and in life.

Reach the next level. Together.

2 minutes of introspective thought each day for athletes.
Deep understanding of athletes for coaches.

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Coaches understand the individual and team mindset.

As athletes complete growth reps, coaches are able to view team growth stats and journals to engage in meaningful conversations.

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Programmed to make dreams reality.

Sevwins is an interactive program based on science, psychology and working with thousands of student-athletes. Each phase of the adventure lays the foundation for the next. First, build a strong internal mind, then become an excellent teammate and leader.
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Meet CCCAA Baseball Final Four Head Coach, Rich Gregory.

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Sevwins is at the core our culture. It enabled our coaches to connect with the players at a different level. Our players have become better teammates and more focused on developing their mental and physical abilities.

Rich Gregory
Folsom Lake College Head Baseball Coach

Culture and character created thru consistency.

One discipline for every day of the week create anchors for building intentional habits. While the disciplines don't change, the journal prompts do. Each rep is uniquely crafted to fuel proactive thoughts and healthy actions.
Set weekly goals
Be grateful
Assess mental skills
Check goals
Get inspired
Think s
Reflect on the week

'Skilling-up' starts with the mind, not the body.

Sevwins builds intentional habits off the field that lead to preparation, teamwork, conscientiousness and kaizen on the field. While athletes build, coaches reinforce a winning culture.

ABCA / ATEC National Collegiate Coach of the Year, Anthony Ferro.

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There’s nothing better than helping a young man become a better person and we feel Sevwins does that.

Anthony Ferro
Butte College Head Baseball Coach


Prepare student-athletes to thrive in college & life.

College is a grind. Studying, training and practicing takes up 99% of a student-athletes time. Prioritization, accountability and mental resilience become paramount to success.

Sevwins helps athletes build clear thoughts and direction so they can focus on the important stuff. As athletes engage with the app daily, stress goes down and happiness goes up.

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Sevwins delivers results.

Proven to improve performance in sports, school and life.

42% more likely
to meet goals

Set weekly goals to get small wins that add up to big accomplishments.

0.5 increase in
Grade Point Average

Improve focus and accountability to get results in the classroom.

25% increase in

Learn to appreciate little things, praise small gains and build confidence.

100% improvement in sports performance
Better than
the other 93%

Replace hope with preparation. Rely on mental skills in your moment. Then, reflect to improve.

Only 7% of athletes have the makeup recruiters look for. Build the person to build the athlete.

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Trusted by athletes, parents and coaches.

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