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The 365 Day Sevwins Athlete

From a concept to a working app – Sevwins has been impacting lives for over a year now. High school and college student-athletes have been using Sevwins to complete daily mental skills checks and weekly reflections and goal setting, all to improve accountability and to attack each week with purpose.

We asked the student-athletes for feedback on their experiences using the Sevwins app. One response that stood out came from an 18-year-old college freshman who really felt that Sevwins has helped him increase his self-reflection skills. Read on to hear his thoughts on Sevwins.

The Sevwins daily checks have helped me exponentially increase the skills of both self-reflection and taking life one day at a time. Measuring my daily lock, block, talk, and energy have taught me to really reflect and see if I am putting my best effort and committing to everything I do.

When it comes to self-improvement, honesty and constructive criticism work. The daily checks helped me get honest with myself and allowed me to grow.

I will never forget one of my first reflections that I did with Sevwins. It wasn’t a good day for me and all of my lock, block, and talks were two to four stars. I then looked at it and was immediately angry with myself. I then asked, “How can I expect to be the best if I can’t honestly say I gave my best effort in everything I did today?” This was a wakeup call for me and since then I have focused on my effort level in everything I do, and I think it has made a drastic difference.

Another thing that the checks have helped me with is taking life one day at a time. Improvement is made daily, and the checks have taught me how to focus on today and live in the present. In final, the checks have taught me to go out and create my success by focusing and reflecting daily.

Thank you to everyone at Sevwins.

Feedback helps us all get better

As we continue to evolve our app and shape the lives of student-athletes, we encourage users to give feedback on Sevwins. We are acutely focused on building the most simple and effective way to help people create positive intentional habits and we are excited to see how athletes evolve their mindset.


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