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How Can We Empower and Mentor Young Adults…to be GREAT?

In this episode of the Entrepreneurs United podcast series, Greg Moore talks about the next generation of leaders; how they learn, think, and should be mentored by coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs, and parents to achieve their full potential.

Greg Moore has been a college baseball coach for over 18 years and recently founded Sevwins, a mobile app technology focused on providing athletes with a growth mindset framework to help them in achieving peak performance by being intentional about their daily habits.

“You're either humble, or you'll be humbled.” - Greg Moore

About Entrepreneurs United

Entrepreneurs United is committed to helping other entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes we made along our journey.​

Growing a business and creating wealth for our families is the American Dream. This dream for 90% of entrepreneurs is BROKEN and we are here to fix it!

We are committed to helping entrepreneurs and their successful businesses see another way to GROWTH, CAPITAL and most importantly...LIQUIDITY. Why spend 15 years building a business to find yourself right in the middle of the entrepreneurs dilemma:

  • Cannot grow because you need capital and expertise,

  • Only way to get capital is to sign your life away with a personal guarantee or sell your hard earned equity and lose control of your business, and

  • Once you grow the business you have limited options to liquidate your equity and get paid for your business.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs solve these problems and provide them with solutions to grow, gain access to capital and get liquidity for their business all without loosing control of their business.


Thrive in sports, college and life.

1% better today.

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