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Top Growth Mindset Rep Streak Set at 431

Sevwins Cofounder, John Roberts, completed 431 straight growth mindset reps using Sevwins. In the last 47 weeks, here's what John learned about himself and the app.

In the last 47 weeks, within the app John:

  • Read 2,491 key growth terms

  • Wrote 2,350 words related to growth

  • Made 1,551 growth decisions

We asked John what he learned over the 47 weeks. Here are his 7 key take-a-ways.

  1. Breaking a good streak burns but it’s just a number. Small or large, there will always be setbacks. This is a perfect moment to pause and reflect on why I do these reps every day.

  2. Weekly self-reflections can be tough if I don’t spend time each day to reflect on my intentions, effort, and accomplishments. Pilots use the phrase “stay ahead of the airplane”. Even with auto-pilot, you need to be intentional. Applies well to life.

  3. Sharing my weekly goals, mental assessments, and reflections with my (executive) coach allows her to better understand my life outside of our scheduled meetings. It makes our time together more engaging and efficient.

  4. Pausing daily to assess my level of concentration, separation, communication skills, and understanding my sources of energy seems like such a simple task but it really does bring clarity to my day.

  5. I was already a huge fan of reading. The weekly prompt to set reading goals has made my reading more intentional. It’s not about cranking through a pile to see what I can consume and learn. It’s now more about knowing why I’m reading.

  6. As a competitive person in all aspects of life I tend to push myself hard. Spending a few minutes to set weekly actions for taking care of my emotional & physical needs helps me stay focused to reach my long-term goals.

  7. I work to “give-back” wherever I can. The Monday prompt to elevate others reminds me how personally rewarding and fulfilling it is to help others. It encourages me to get creative in how and who I can support each week.

Hat's off to John. John isn't starting over, he is building on a great run. Just like the hundreds of Sevwins athletes.

As of Jan 20, 2021, Sevwins athletes have committed 230,000 growth reps ranging from weekly goals and reflections to daily mental skill assessments. 50 Sevwins athletes have completed 90% of their growth reps. And they do it in just 7 minutes a week.


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