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Reggie Hanson Headshot.png

Reggie Hanson

Certified Professional Coach
Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC President
Sevwins Advisor

Reggie started his coaching practice, Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC, to add value and inspire people to be more conscientious about their own talents and abilities while helping them realize their full potential, accomplish their goals and release the fear, to find their life purpose so they can live the life they desire and deserve. 
He is a Certified Professional Coach through World Coach Institute with over 20 years’ experience helping people become more diligent about their own skills and competencies while in coaching, leadership, and management roles.  He is the President of Hanson Coaching & Consulting LLC, which specializes in, professional life coaching, career development, motivational speaking, leadership development and mental health activism.    He is also a Board Member of a Non-Profit foundation that his daughter started called StayWhole Mental Health Foundation with a focus on mental health awareness workshops and programming within the community.  He is the President of StayWhole Wellness & Media LLC which focus on mental health counseling and well-being.  He is also Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Education and was also an ALL- Conference member of the basketball team.  He coached college basketball for 13 years.  7 at the University of Kentucky and 6 at the University of South Florida.  He also coached professionally in Japan.  He was named one of the top 25 recruiters in the country.  An attest to his ability to communicate and build strong lasting relationships.

During Reggie’s playing career at Kentucky, the university went through some very difficult times.  Difficult times that wiped out some of his goals.  He had opportunities to continue his career elsewhere during those difficult times and continue chasing those goals but decided to stay, be loyal and help the university return to prominence.  For this he had a history making award created in his honor called “The Reggie Hanson Sacrifice Award”.  This award was given to the player who made great personal sacrifices for the sake of the team each season.  Credence to his commitment to sacrifice personal gains in order to put others first to help them succeed.

He is the Author of “10 Life Lessons: Learned as a Student Athlete”.  He uses sports as an avenue to teach life lessons.  Reggie knows that sports is a great metaphor for teaching life lessons.  His book takes on all the experiences he encountered during his playing career at Kentucky and reveal how they translate to real life lessons and teaches how to attack, overcome and be successful with those life lessons.  This book is for anyone that is seeking more direction in conquering life lessons.

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