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Sevwins is for the athlete, coach or director that believes details inspire results. It trains athletes to think strategically, learn from experiences and own their life. Coaches see athletes as individuals so they can mentor more effectively in less time.

Peak performance in life, powered by intentional daily habits.
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It has made me a better person. I feel smarter, stronger, and more connected.

College Student-Athlete
Division I University

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If you don’t know about @sevwins, you will soon. Lifechanger app for team approach...

Dr. Jimmy Onate
Associate Professor at The Ohio State
University, Coach

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Great way to get insight to the mental side of the players. Highly recommend this app!

Chris Rodriguez
University of the Pacific
Head Baseball Coach

Designed for athletes, built for mentors

Athletes gain clarity and purpose

Athletes develop intentional habits to improve their mind, body and spirit. Through simple daily reps, athletes learn to be more prepared, engaged and reflective. In short, they grow.

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Coaches mentor effectively in less time

Sevwins cuts through the surface level so coaches and athletes engage in meaningful relationships, faster. While athletes build performance skills, coaches gain intelligent insights into the individual and team mindset.  

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Sevwins Goals Assessments Reflections

Athlete goal setting, assessment and reflection experience.


Simple, powerful growth mindset formula

The Sevwins growth mindset framework follows a simple formula that can be applied to all areas of life. By committing to daily growth reps, student-athletes learn to prepare, engage and reflect to ignite growth. 

Sevwins Prepare + Engage + Reflect

Set direction for the week or for your next performance – practice, game, test

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Learn to be where your feet are, live in the moment thru all life area transitions

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Build performance skills, learn from experiences and evaluate performance 

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Shatter the instant-gratification culture
In an era dominated by livelihood-zapping apps, Sevwins shifts growing minds toward accountability, clarity, and happiness. By engaging with the app for one minute per day, athletes spark a ripple effect of conscientiousness that extends far beyond today.

Penny commitments, million dollar moments

It takes quality reps to build a growth mindset. Sevwins accelerates learning through an engaging routine and consistent language laced with direction and positivity. Athletes read specific key growth terms daily, they translate thoughts into written performance words and engage in active decision-making.

In a single year, the Sevwins athlete engages in 7,768 passive, articulation and intrapersonal growth reps – all in just 7 minutes a week.

Passive Growth
Athletes read 3,438 key growth terms p/year

Avg 9.42 p/day

Articulation Growth
Athletes write 2,600 words p/year

Equal to a 6 page personal growth paper

Intrapersonal Growth
Athletes make 1,730 growth decisions p/year

Avg of 4.7 p/day

Grow a character-first mindset through consistent reps

Sevwins provides a framework that awakens the simple truth, that taking control of small decisions leads to happiness. It helps us appreciate the simple pleasures of life and the penny decisions that lead to million dollar moments. A thinking generation comes from Sevwins, a grateful group that values intellectual and physical rigor.

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Set direction for the week
Set specific, time-bound weekly goals to improve the mind, body and spirit.

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Be where your feet are
Understand the different areas of life and the transitions between them to live in the moment.

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Get in the performance zone
Define the mindset, performance targets and preparation plan for each performance. After practice, a game or a test, evaluate preparation and performance to get better.

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Strengthen core mental skills
Assess core mental skills daily to improve concentration, life transitions, communication skills and desire to attack the day.

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Reflect on experiences
Wrap up the week with a healthy reflection of successes and challenges. Learn from experiences. Create a plan to build on the positives and work on the tough stuff.

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Bridge the communication gap
Contextual aware, in-app communication gives team and program leaders an easy way to share information with individual athletes, teams and departments. Broadcast practice plans or videos and encourage athlete growth.

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Synchronize athlete support
It takes a village to raise young adults. Get all athlete influencers – family members, specialist coaches, etc. – working together to support and accelerate growth.

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By committing to Sevwins weekly, I hold myself accountable and uncover the path to accomplish my goals.

Kenny Rosenberg
Professional Baseball Player

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A dream without a plan is just a dream. When you commit to using Sevwins, dreams become reality.

Albee Weiss
Professional Baseball Player

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I use Sevwins to keep my head clear, define what I need to accomplish and attack the week.

Justin Toerner
Professional Baseball Player

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