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Latest Sevwins enhancements for athletes, coaches and program leaders.

March 18, 2021

Like you, we love making a difference in the lives of young adults. Our latest major app enhancements dramatically improve how athletes engage to better understand themselves, set direction and reflect to learn.

When we asked the 700+ Sevwins athletes for feedback on the app, they asked for more – deeper engagement and more mindfulness. John and Alex delivered.

Deeper athlete engagement 

Single-page growth reps across goals, assessments and reflections prompts athletes to pause and think strategically about their commitments.

Sevwins Single-Page Growth Reps3

Improve performance in all areas of life

Sevwins helps athletes distill the complexities of life into small, manageable chunks. Athletes assess satisfaction of effort in each area of life to understand how they perform across the things that are important to them. Then, as they set goals and reflect on experiences, they tag each growth rep with those same areas of life.

The result, Sevwins transforms young adults into whole athletes by identifying gaps between desired state and committed effort.

Areas of life assessments

Athletes pause and reflect on their level of satisfaction of effort in each area of life to set a baseline and improve awareness of life’s transitions.

Areas of Life Assessment2

Tag goals and reflections with areas of life

Sevwins helps athletes create a balanced approach to performing in all areas of life. Tag each goal and reflection journal entry with relevant areas of life.

Areas of Life Goals Relections