Resume of the mind

Unite an athlete’s support network to create an environment for success

It takes a community to prepare student-athletes for success

Now, student-athletes have the option to share their weekly goals, assessments and reflections with their support network using MindPrint. Keep all influencers in sync working toward a common mission.

Synchronized mentorship

MindPrint gets all influencers working together to support and accelerate an individual athlete's growth. By simply adding subscribers to their Sevwins profile, athletes can automatically share their weekly goals, reflections and life skill assessments with their support network.

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Goals everyone can support

See the student-athlete's read, train and give goals for the week. Check in on their progress and help foster an environment where they succeed. 

Sevwins MindPrint Goals

Encourage awareness together

Get a snapshot of how an athlete ranked their concentration, separation and communication skills, as well as energy, related to previous weeks. Encourage your student-athlete to be aware of their abilities and to continuously work on the core life skills. 

Sevwins MindPrint Life Skill Assessments

Enable growth through support

Gain insight into an athlete's weekly successes and challenges. Inspire athletes to reflect on the week's experiences to learn and develop a plan for growth.

Sevwins MindPrint Reflections

100% controlled by the athlete 

Learning to be vulnerable takes time. And it all begins with trusting relationships. Sevwins leaves it up to the student-athlete to identify influencers they believe can help them grow. Sevwins athletes can add MindPrint subscribers through "My Profile" in their Sevwins app. MindPrint is included in all Sevwins subscriptions.

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Sevwins MindPrint Set Up