Reflect on experiences.
Be the best version of you.

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Learn from the week
Give intentional thought to the week’s successes and challenges. Reflect on the experiences to identify growth opportunities.

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Optimize performances
Evaluate how pre-performance plans were executed. Uncover opportunities to improve the probability of achieving desired results.

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Ignite and monitor growth
Give athletes a pathway to success and understand the team and individual mindset. Gain insight to build quality relationships. 

Learning fueled by athlete reflection and coach mentorship

Reflection seeds an understanding of life’s cadence, the seven day week, and how to build again after success and failure. True growth anchored to life’s natural laws reveals meaning and an openness to connection with others that only delayed gratification delivers. Young people discover a simple way to value things while coaches replace assumptions with innate knowledge. Sevwins unites the power of reflection and the influence of coach mentorship in an engaging, measured way.

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Reflect on the week to grow

Each week is rich with growth opportunities. Sevwins prompts athletes to pause and capture lessons learned. Evaluate successes and create a plan to build on the wins. Recount the challenges and define a plan to work on them. Assign areas of life to each reflection to understand gaps in developing the whole self.

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Reflect on each performance to get results

Results are often out of our control. Getting in the performance mindset, taking small steps to prepare and executing an intentional approach improves the probability that desired results will be met.

Following a game, practice or test, Sevwins prompts athletes to evaluate how they executed the individual components of their pre-performance plan. Through consistent reps and refection, the results naturally follow.

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Enable individual and team growth

Sevwins gives coaches the insight they need to hold athletes accountable to the growth process. While the app provides athletes a pathway to self accountability and awareness, coaches gain critical knowledge about their athletes. Goals, reflections, pre and post performance journals and mental skill assessments get neatly organized so coaches can act.

With Sevwins, coaches get past the surface area and build meaningful relationships that lead to growth.

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