Prepare for the week.
Be ready to bring it.

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Get in the performance mindset
Define the mindset, performance targets and preparation plan for each game, practice or test.

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Set direction for the week
Set weekly goals to sharpen the mind, improve the body and elevate others.

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Communication that inspires
Coaches nudge athletes with encouragement, share info with individual athletes, teams and departments.

Healthy direction for the athlete mind

When driving to a destination, we don't just jump in the car and start driving. We map out where we're headed. 

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Sevwins is like Google Maps for the mind. Athletes prepare for a successful week and get in the mindset to dominate each performance. Coaches see athlete journals and keep them on track to achieve their goals.


Prepare for the week with goals for the mind, body and spirit

Start each week off with a plan to improve performance in all areas of life. Set a read goal to sharpen the mind, commit to training to improve the body and define how you will give to elevate others. Assign areas of life to each goal to become more aware of effort allocation.

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Prepare for life's performances

We perform daily whether it's giving our best during practices, training sessions, competitions or even tests at school. Sevwins creates a methodical approach to preparing for our moments – big and small. Define your mantra, what you expect to achieve and your plan to prepare. Get in the right mindset and earn what you deserve. After you perform, reflect on your experience. Continue to learn.

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Prepare and communicate with purpose

In-app communication built to help coaches mentor individuals and teams better. Coaches view athlete journals and can easily cast words of encouragement. Share a video, photo or webpage to help athletes prepare for a performance. Nudge athletes to commit to a Sevwins growth rep. It's really everything a coach needs to keep the team inspired and headed in the right direction.

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