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Train the mind daily
Improve personal awareness and grow true healthy thinking by assessing core mental skills every day.

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Live in the moment
Become aware of the different areas that make up your life; learn to give best effort in each.

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Synchronize the support network
Get all the people that influence young adults on the same page, supporting the athlete’s growth together.

Improve personal awareness to ignite growth

Like the hull of a ship, our lives have many different compartments that make us who we are. Sevwins helps athletes become more aware of their different areas of life and the effort given to each. Tag journal entries with areas of life, assess core mental skills to hone in your ability to be present and engage the people you trust to achieve results faster.

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Engage in all areas of life

Build a balanced growth mindset that spans all areas of life. Athletes identify their satisfaction of effort allocated to each area of life. As athletes commit to goals, reflections and performance targets, they identify the life areas each commitment supports. The end result, the ability to compare satisfaction to actual effort given in each area.

Want to improve in one area? Sevwins prompts athletes to set goals and reflect on that specific area.

See how Areas of Life Tagging works with Goal Journals and Reflection Journals.

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Engage in daily mental skill assessments

Mental skills, those that are truly hard to build and maintain, need anchors and consistent reps to grow true healthy thinking. Sevwins prompts young learners to pause and assess their ability to concentrate, separate areas of life and communicate effectively.

To round out the daily assessments, athletes reflect on their drive and desire to attack challenges.

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Engage the support network

Sevwins gets all influencers working together to support and accelerate an individual athlete's growth. By simply adding subscribers to their Sevwins profile, athletes can automatically share their weekly goals, reflections and life skill assessments with their support network.

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